American Honda and Indycars JUST CALLED.. WANT TO BE ON Ch. 7 ABC TV?
Posted 27 September 2011 - 05:40 PM
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Las Vegas Motor Speedway will play host to the IZOD INDYCAR World Championships presented by Honda on October 13-16. The four-day event at the 1.5-mile, variably-banked oval will crown the IZOD IndyCar® Series World Champion, who will pocket a $1 million bonus.

ABC will broadcast the 200-lap IZOD IndyCar Series finale at 3:00 p.m. (ET).

Both American Honda and Indycars has contacted me:

"Hi Michael,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX and I have been provided your name by Honda, in regards to the Los Angeles area S2000 club. In conversations with Honda, we are interested in seeking the participation of your club in our IZOD INDYCAR World Championships presented by Honda on Sunday, October 16th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We have the opportunity to use your club members in our pre-race and I would like to discuss the opportunity. "

I spoke to verbally to Honda and IndyCars and here are the following guildlines/Task:

1. We need 35 topless S2000 to drive 35 Drivers on the Pre-Race opening
2. We need an additional 20 S2000 as backup
3. Honda/Indy will provide us Tickets for BOTH driver and passenger
4. Honda/Indy will provide us Tickets for parking
5. I am certain you will have to sign a waiver to be on TV and waive all rights to them
6. Backup drivers will get free amenties as drivers.
7. We need to respond by FRIDAY.
8. If we don't hit 55 drivers, this event is cancelled

Other notes:

This is for SERIOUS SERIOUS participation only. No cancellation is allowed. If we hit 34 cars, and there are 35 drivers, I'm in serious trouble and ruining their show.

If we can't get 55 people/Drivers/S2000, I will let Honda know that this is not possible for lack of time, and they will get a fleet of Civics/Ridgelines or whatever to the event. They will not be dissapointed with us, they know this is last minute.

This is an valuable opportunity to capture on. If we can take advantage of this generous offers, I will approach Honbda/Indy for additional tickets for friends and family.

All serious participants, I will ask for a 150.00 PAYPAL deposit as good faith. I will return your 150.00 a few days after the event. You cancel or no show (not transferable to another driver if you are no show), this money will be donated to and/or for a future S2000 meet and event. If we hit that 55 S2000 number, I will contact you for paypal info.


I don't know that info yet, but more than likely we will headout SATURDAY Morning, (Party at Night) and leaving on Sunday Night for some, and leaving Monday for few.

We are liable for our own lodging. Honda/Indy is not paying for this. Only tickets and parking.

S2000 must be in clean condition. If not you can come as a backup, and tickets are still comped.

Do not SIGNUP unless you are 100% SURE.

Update 6:48pm 9/27/2011

Members on the list,

Make sure check your sch, get permission from your wives, baby sitters and so forth. If you need to withdraw from this list, do it now. Don't string us along, because we are all dependent on each other to make this event work.

Again, for people who are thinking about signing up, don't sign up unless you are 100% in.

Although it sounds like icing on the cake right now, do remember Vegas will cost money. Rooms are already high in price because of this event. As soon as we get our quota mets, I will find rooms and roommates for you guys. Rooms are averaging 200-300 for Saturday night and less than 125 for Sunday.

First 6 hours of this thread and we have almost 1/2 the numbers we need. Small hope, but we still need 30 more.

Now make sure you guys check your paypal address, credit cards on file and password. If we make 55 drivers on the list, paypal will immediately start on Saturday for the 1st 35 on the list. Miss the deadline, and the rest of 36-55 (backup drivers) will paypal and bump on to the main driving list.


Ps: Help me be ahead of the game, by recopying the last list and put down if you are:

(sat only or sat &sun hotel needed.) (need roommate or no roommate)

IE: back-cracker (sat and Sunday) (do not need roommate)