Import Tuner All Wheel Drive Shootout !

Import Tuner is calling out all you AWD trackday losers to see whose car is the least shitty. Competition is open to any Japanese factory AWD car. So pretty much everything that doesn't fit on my dyno. This is for "street" cars so no full blow trailer queens please.  Safety rules would be the same as most street class time attack cars. It’s being sponsored by Continential tire so this will be a spec tire competition. Everyone will be competing on Continental Extreme DW tires. And yes the tires will be provided so there goes one of your excuses. Competition will be held at Buttonwillow Raceway the day before Super Lap Battle November 9th. Yes it’s a Tuesday but you hate working anyway. Call in sick, tell them your grandma died, do what you gotta do. Competition is literally a month away so seriously don’t lag.