Hyundai Genesis Coupe Turbo AEM Package Installation

Sorry for the Lag,

Last Month did an install of the AEM performance package for a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Turbo. The package consists of the AEM Intake, Exhaust and Intercooler. Three basic components all designed to work in harmony and a good place to start when you decide to modify your Genesis Coupe.

Fit and finish as you can see form the photos below is what I have come to expect from AEM. Nice powder coated finish and no major modifications were needed to install the components. A nice touch is a pre-tapped hole should you choose to add a Meth kit. This particular customer chose to go without the meth kit for the time being but I expect he will return for one in the future.

One regret I have is forgetting to take a video before and after of the exhaust on the dyno. The sound is an improvement over stock but it won't have you checking your rear view mirror for cops.

Overall we saw saw a gain of 18hp and 38ft/lbs of torque. An interesting note on boost. Boost on this car is very erratic you hit a peak boost of 14psi at 3k rpm which is why you see the big torque curve on the bottom end. Then things float up and down all the way to redline where boost is around 8psi. I would love to see this thing put down a consistent 14psi from 3k all the way to redline. I would predict a much broader torque curve and at least another 40hp up top.

Overall a big thumbs up to the guys at AEM on this kit. Total install was around 4 hours. My recommendations beyond the AEM package would be a test pipe (for track cars of course), a boost controller and some extra fuel. Either from some ECU tuning with bigger injectors or a meth injection system. Past this you are probably going to be looking into improving the clutch. If anyone is interested in a quote on the package you can email us at 

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