The Sultan's G Ride

So you are the Sultan of Qatar (or possibly a Sultan I'm not really sure how this works), you are surrounded by sand, you have money and you want to impress your fellow Qatarians (real word look it up). What do you buy? A Lambo, Ferrari or Bentley? Nope...not that you don't have those but who doesn't?
 You buy this:

It's a LS7 Big Block Sand rail. 400 plus cubic inches and for that little something extra it's SUPERCHARGED!!!

Now I'm totally lost on this but apparently their gas is total crap even though it's rated at 98 octane. So the original build was redone to what you see before you and the car is being tuned on 87 octane. Yep you read right its tuned on the crappiest gas we could get. Amazingly enough it's still throwing down nearly 600hp and about the same torque.

After the car gets shipped back and it clears customs Darren will be out there to finalize the tune. Here's a few more pics and a couple videos of it shaking the ground and spitting fire. I know you all like fire.

SR Motorcars