So we got a big surprise this weekend. I got a call from Paul at AEM to rent the dyno on Saturday. I thought it was odd since every time AEM comes down it's a weekday. Then I got a call from Mitch of MP Tuning to rent the dyno on Saturday. I told him the dyno is booked but I don't know for how long. He said no problem once he is finished tuning the CAN AM car we should still have time for his other customer.

CAN AM CAR.....WTF is going on??????

Sure enough Saturday morning bright and early there was a big trailer outside the shop. Inside contained a piece of racing history....a Shelby CAN AM. They say a picture says a thousand words so here is more than I can ever say about this car.

3.3L V6 ITB revs to a brain rattling 8000RPM! Currently owned by Judge Joe Di Loreto a collector and driver of vintage racing cars. Currently he has 18 cars including all the ones listed on the back of the trailer most amazingly a Shelby Daytona of five in existence.
Basically I love and hate this guy all at the same time. If you would like a little more info on the Judge or the Shelby CAN AM follow the links at the bottom. But before that here's a photo of what the car looks like with all the body work on....
...and of course 8000RPM on the dyno

Thanks to:
Mitch of MP Tuning
JC and the Crew for AEM
Bob Habermehl
And the Judge

In the Driver's Seat With Racing Legend Carroll Shelby and the Flying Judge
The Shelby CAN AM
SR Motorcars