Let me introduce you or possibly re-introduce you to Jim Cozzolino's Turbocharged Acura NSX. I say re-introduce because you may have seen this car in one of the major import car magazines. Grab one of the recent issues and you will probably find a fold out ad from the Castrol Top Car Challenge. Go ahead I'll wait.....

See I told you. Anyway Jim's car had a little issue in the challenge resulting in him missing the time attack portion of the competition and receiving a DNF. Considering Jim is a NASA instructor in Arizona we expect him to have down a respectable time.

So out with the old and in with the new. The motor was pulled, rebuilt, reinstalled and converted to E85(our new favorite fuel). After a little breaking in the car was brought to us for a little baseline and drive ability tuning. We expected about an hour on the dyno.....or twelve.

Sadly about 30 minutes into our session we were running into unbalanced air to fuel ratios for the left and right cylinder banks. After a few tests it was determined that a crack had developed in one of the flex pipes before the O2 sensor and turbo. So we all got our hands dirty pulling out half of the turbo system, cut this, weld that, cursing, a bit of blood shed, a little more cursing, are you sure this went there?, I think we got it...nope, I'm missing a bolt.....you get the idea.

Finally several hours and two meals later the car made it back on the dyno. Mitch from MP Tuning made short work of the final tune and "conservatively" on wastegate spring pressure only(about 10psi) we thru down 525hp to the rear wheels. Jim thanked us and proceeded to drive back to Arizona. Yeah you read right drive back. This is a street car has power windows, stereo and AC. Even though it's wide body, turbo and it's on Toyo R888's.

I'm happy to report Jim made it back in one piece. He would like to thank his sponsors:
FX Motorsports
Toyo Tires
Carbotech Brakes
CCW Wheels
Exedy Clutch
JE Pistons
Applied Motorsports
MP Tuning
And of course SR Motorcars!