Jeff Jones Podiums at XDC Arizona!

Got a call from Jeff Jones a couple weeks ago looking to get his S13 re-tuned.
If your not familiar with this car it has what we affectionately refer to as a 1.5J (1JZGTE head and manifolds on a 2JZGTE short block). While peak power numbers were there the tune lacked mid-range and had some driveability concerns.

So as we like to do things we had a midnight madness tuning session until the wee hours of the morning. When the guys left we had the car 95% sorted out or about as best we could on the dyno sleep deprived. The results speak for themselves as Jeff finished third. Hopefully we can dial in the last little bit and the car stays happy. We are expecitng good results from Jeff Jones Racing for the remainder of the XDC and Formula D Seasons.