Claudio brought his Fiat Abarth by yesterday. Why? To see how much power it makes duh.
We had hopes of middle double digits for mighty mouse considering it's tiny displacement. It's a 2cyl pushing almost 700cc's yeah as in it's a .7L kids. That's motorcycle status for sure but good new it only weighs 500kg. It's got a huge  45mm Webber carb that needs some love for sure. Best of all it's rear wheel drive and it's on Falken tires! Claudio chose to upgrade tire size to a whopping 165/60R12. When I asked him how fast he's had it he pointed to a position well past the limit of the factory 120kph speedo. Your a brave man my little Italian friend I can only imagine being next to a big rig in this thing on the freeway.
On the dyno we ended up with 34hp and 36ft lb of torque. Pretty close to the original 1971 specifications. Then we started fantasizing about what we could do to this thing to make more power. What would you do????

Info on FIAT ABARTH 695 SS manufactured or sold in 1971, version for Europe with 2-door sedan body type, RWD (rear-wheel drive) and manual 4-speed gearbox. Basic specs and characteristics: petrol (gasoline) engine of 690 cm3 / 42 cui displacement with advertised power 28 kW / 38 hp / 38 PS / 5200 and 57 Nm / 42 lb-ft / 4000 of torque. Dimensions: this model outside length is 2970 mm / 116.9 in and wheelbase 1840 mm / 72.4 in , standard wheels were fitted with tires size 125 x 12 (F); 135 x 12. Reference vehicle weights are: official base curb weight 570 kg / 1257 lbs, gross weight GVWR 840 kg / 1852 lbs. How fast is it ? Performance: top speed 140 km/h (87 mph) (declared by factory); accelerations 0- 60 mph 17.8 s; 0- 100 km/h 19.6 s (a-c simulation); 0- 1/4 mile 20.7 s