Ryan Kado Racing VK56DE engine build

   (looks stock huh?)

Got a call from Ryan Kado after Formula D round 2 in Atlanta. As you may or may not be aware he had an on track indecent with Charles Ng. Needless to say one bent rim, one broken control arm, broken steering rack, tie rod...etc etc...you get the idea. All of which is pretty much custom. Anyway he informs me the car is coming back and we need it fixed for Florida. No problem. Oh and one more thing the car doesn't have enough power can we do something about that? Yeah no problem...by Florida???.......sure why not.

Basically we have two and a half weeks to pull more power out of an under-developed engine. We have two blown engines one with destroyed heads the other with what we believe to have a seized piston...better than nothing. Many phone calls later we figure out custom high compression pistons will take 4-6 weeks. CNC ported heads 12 weeks to RnD. We know Jim Wolf makes cams because a set was destroyed in the first motor but that's not gonna cut it. Made a call to ExtrudeHone they say they can get the heads done in two weeks. Call Jim Wolf and find out they have some "special" cams they designed for sandrails with ITB's...hey we have ITB's. So the best we could do on short notice was the following.

Take good bottom end disassemble, clean and reassemble. The motor had shrapnel in it from the heads that got destroyed. Take the good heads clean and disassemble them. Send the heads to be ported and polished. Next have the heads milled for more compression. Reassemble the heads with new Jim Wolf cams.
Swap motors with the stock 08' motor currently in the chassis. For that last little bit convert to E85 and throw a bunch of timing at the motor.

New suspension, heads and cams ready for install and a nice clean bottom end to reassemble.

Here's some before and after of the heads and cams for you to compare.
After all was said and done the car picked up 75hp on 91 octane and a little over 100hp on the E85. We found a couple more things that were restricting power but we simply ran out of time. Hopefully when we get the car back from New Jersey we should see some more gains with this setup.

Since the videos on the dyno look like the previous ones I only upload this one of the car spitting fire under ignition cut...ENJOY!!!!